Making conscious choices respecting the human being and the world around us, for us means being sustainable.

It means that at the center of our work there are first of all people and the earth and, as essential resources, they must be safeguarded.

We believe in the health and well-being of body, mind and spirit, in ethical and transparent production.

For our garments we aim for simplicity and comfort, enhancing the aesthetics and details typical of the Made in Italy tradition, so that you can always feel at ease while wearing them.

We offer beauty and wellness allies in shapes, fabrics and colors.

Among our fabrics we have chosen organic cotton, natural and vegetable fibers, regenerated and recycled fabrics, but also a brilliant polyamide charmeuse. Because sustainability is not only in the origin of the raw material, but in the processing and the entire supply chain.

All our fabrics are made in Italy within the companies themselves, in a verticalized production cycle and increasingly projected towards a circular economy model with the aim of enhancing their authenticity and create an innovative product, respecting traditions, ethically, socially and ecologically responsible.

The entire production chain pays particular attention to energy and water saving, focusing more and more on the supply from renewable sources.

We are a slow fashion brand, 100% made in Italy and at Km 0.

From cutting to packaging, ironing and packaging, the creation of Atma Feed your soul garments is handcrafted in Biella, the city where we live, through small productions aimed at containing waste.

Our goal is to rely as much as possible on local producers or on the national and regional territory to support our community and offer you, who will wear it, an authentically Italian product made with love.


Relife is the active, imaginative and versatile line made entirely of eco-sustainable, regenerated and recycled fabrics.

Perfect for those who love and respect the environment and are looking for a new dimension of comfort, performance and freedom in their practice.

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Pure beauty
Zero environmental impact


Comfort, elegance and ecology coexist in Atma Natural, the line made with 100% natural materials.

From soft and breathable organic cotton, to fibers of vegetable origin, resistant and gentle on the skin, natural garments are sustainable and designed for your practice and everyday life.

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Yoga becomes sustainable


Made of soft and shiny polyamide charmeuse, Luce is Atma’s glamorous line dedicated to those who want to bring performance, comfort and elegance into their practice and life.

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Your athleisure soul


For our packaging we are committed to using and reusing materials available in stock while stocks last to limit waste.

Among our packaging you will find bags in recycled plastic, recyclable, in paper and compostable 100% bio, with a simple look and low environmental impact.

Do like us! You too can reuse our packaging before you throw it away or recycle it.
Give them the longest life cycle possible.

Together we can
leave a light footprint on the earth

packaging atma feed your soul busta carta con adesivo

Care for fibers, fabrics
and Made in Italy

Fibers and fabrics

Fabrics represent one of the most important choices, which is why we rely on Italian companies that produce internally and that give ample space to experimentation in the field of eco-sustainability.

Soft and light to the touch, elastic and resistant, Atma Feed your soul fabrics shape and enhance the female body, without forcing it. They are breathable, delicate and super comfortable like a second skin.

The perfect fit and high shape retention allow maximum freedom in every movement, while the exclusive patterns give the wearer a unique style.

Cotton (GOTS) 

The cotton used is grown without the use of harmful chemicals. The dyes, techniques and production processes respect the environment and guarantee an ethically and socially correct and responsible finished product.

effetto vintage tessuto tencel


TENCEL ™ Lyocell fibers are produced with eco-friendly processes and extracted from sustainably sourced wood, in an exclusive closed-circuit system that recovers and reuses waste chemicals.


Fabric made with Ecoantex yarn coming from the processing of post-industrial and post-consumer waste, such as plastic bottles. Sustained and pleasant to the touch, it is suitable for active and fitness use

tessuto di cotone organico


Technical-ecological fabric made with ECONYL® yarn, 100% regenerated nylon, coming from waste saved from landfills and oceans and restored to new life. It can be recycled, recreated and remodeled indefinitely, without using new resources.


Active fabric with high technical properties that combine lightness and breathability, resistance and high shape retention with absolute comfort with a touch of glamor.

Modal Cotton

Fabric that combines the natural fiber of cotton with the vegetable fiber of modal, obtained from cellulose, improving its quality. The Microdream® finishing gives this fabric an even softer and more pleasant hand to the touch.

Choose consciously.