About us
Atma Feed your soul

A line of CONSCIOUS YOGA CLOTHING designed to move and breathe with you.

We believe in ethical and sustainable production , in transparency and in Made in Italy.

We believe in the health and well-being of the body and mind, we believe in taking care of people and the planet we live on, the earth.

We believe that conscious choices, love and attention to detail make the difference and that all of this deeply nourishes our Soul, making us better human beings.

We consciously choose each stage of processing, from raw materials to how and where our products are packaged, carefully researching our partners: artisans and small local producers who share our same values ​​and whom we can trust.

“Feed your soul”

is our motto, an invitation to do what makes you feel good while respecting yourself, others and the world around you.

We are glad to introduce you to our world.

sfondo logo atma feed your soul

Why an origami Swan?

The idea of the Atma logo, the swan, was born as a tribute to Master Paramhansa Yogananda who inspired the birth of the brand.
Paramhansa in fact means “great swan”

The graphic choice of origami, on the other hand, was born to tell the essence of yoga, which for us is simplicity, purity and happiness.
A journey of transformation beyond the obstacles of the body and mind to reach the most intimate and perfect of us: our soul, in Sanskrit Atma.

About me

My name is Laura and I am the creator of Atma Feed your soul.
Practicing yoga and designing clothing makes me happy and nourishes my soul.

My grandmother Fede inspired my work as a stylist. While faith, in my Master YoganandaJi, inspired me to create a
clothing line dedicated to yoga and share it with you.

In the creative process I always go through a phase of great chaos and then return to simplicity.

I’m curious and I love doing research in the field of fabrics, experimenting new things, but I’m also tied to tradition.
I love color and patterns.
I believe in friendship, family and loyalty and I have a weakness for ice cream and bitter chocolate.

laura la creatrice di atma feed your soul