“Tra cielo e terra”

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The love for yoga, nature and color made us meet, and thus, from this spontaneous encounter between souls, “Between heaven and earth”, the Atma capsule collection created together and Sara Bigatti – The Yoga Monkey.

Introducing Vira leggings and Mantra tank top in soft organic cotton in the brand new Monkey Pink color dedicated to Sara.

A strong and feminine color, bright and inspiring just like her, a color that embodies the qualities of earth and sky, roots and spirit.


“Color is energy.”
Each color has its own different vibration that resonates and therefore stimulates a specific energy within us.
Wearing a color means stimulating an attitude, a state of soul and emotions linked to that vibration.

The color we have chosen is an INTENSE CYCLAMEN, it is a meeting between purple and red.

Viola takes depth and spirituality.
It is a call to our inner world, it helps us in introspection and in contact with our spiritual side.

In this purple we then poured a few drops of red.
From this color it takes the energy of the earth, strength and brilliance.
Red recalls our primordial energy, it is our vitality and our passion for living life.

This combination creates a strong but serene color, perfect for Yoga practice in which we express our physical energy, but at the same time we are immersed in the search for our Self.”

“I flow in harmony between the earth and the sky”.